Glass Full of Soul

Akashic Records

December 4, 2020

Hosted and created by Caitlin Apple and Jessica Butler

This episode we are joined by the gifted Meredith Cameron. Meredith Cameron was recognized by Yoga Journal as “one of the top 15 tier yoga teachers to study with ASAP” but now she is being recognized by her true and beautiful gift of connecting people to their Akashic Records. Meredith has been challenged by health issues in the past few years which has led her to discovering her ability to connect with higher dimensional frequencies to help others in a different way from yoga. We dive into ALL THE QUESTIONS about what the records are, how she opens them, the deeper take away from them and so much more! This episode is also a lead in to a bonus episode coming out soon that will be a live reading and a email reading of Cait and Jess' records! It's a can't miss!

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